Tommy Gets In Deep Trouble


Tommy was not doing ANYTHING that he was supposed to do. He was just doing whatever he wanted instead of landscaping. He was watching television, playing video games, using the virtual reality thing AND he was even cooking up a storm when he was supposed to be landscaping. He used forbidden magic to do the landscaping for him. When Jackie found that out, she was extremely furious at him. She tore up the check that she was going to give to him and threw him out of her house forever all because he did everything except for landscaping.

When Tommy told his family about that, they grounded him for a very long time. They sent him to a boarding school where there were no horses, no animals, and nothing that he liked. Tommy hated that boarding school. They had no recess. There was school in that boarding school even on weekends. He hated that school. He decided to do whatever it took to get expelled.

He cheated on a math exam on purpose as a starting point. He talked on his smartphone during history class. He jumped on a pogo stick during the mandatory lacrosse class. He used virtual reality during science class. He made the yuckiest fruit case in the universe to fail home economics. He wrote creative writing in English about the difference between English and Western horses and wrote an obsession on Warmbloods instead of writing an essay about a book called “Lord of the Flies.” It was no surprise that his horrid teacher failed him and gave him an automatic zero. He stole an autonomous car to escape from boarding school after only a couple of weeks of being there.

He went to gunpoint and got arrested. He was in the interrogation room and court for hours. He was found guilty of grand theft auto. He had to go to jail now. He was in jail for a very long time because his family refused to bail him out. He had a criminal record.

After jail, he pleaded himself “insane” because his lawyer told him to. He was institutionalized for a few months. He didn’t have a choice. He had to be there. The next few months for Tommy were rough. He tried every medication there was and nothing worked. He was nutty, punkish, and nobody really understood him.

He was kicked out of four Western riding places and ten English riding places. Robertville Ranch kicked him out because of his irresponsible behavior and for being way more than just unacceptable and too temperamental. He was banned from all of them for life. It was not Tommy’s fault that he couldn’t ride a Warmblood or jump or do obstacles or trail ride on a paint. It was not his fault that his parents had to spend all of his money on a boarding school only to have it all go to waste. They may have been rich, but his family were all lunatics. He was a lunatic because all of his family was. His grandmother though looking young had dementia, his grandfather had Alzheimer’s, his dad was senile and had not only a midlife crisis, but he also had schizophrenia, and his mom had a multiple personality disorder. He was diagnosed with severe mental illness a few years back. All of his short, medium, and long-term goals could have been realistic if only he didn’t have a severe anxiety disorder. There was no saving Tommy. Even his psychiatrist and therapist and all the programs to gave up on him due to no one in the entire universe being able to help him get better. The sad part was that the only ones who cared about him were his normal great-grandparents, and that was where Tommy ended just to try and get better though he knew in his heart that the goal list was just a piece of crap he wrote to waste his very own time.


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